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  1. Willow Thomas

    thank you entertainment group for delivering a hunky male stripper to our annual Christmas works party. We had the wonderful Thor he was very good looking and put on an amazing show for all the ladies.

  2. Ria willows

    I just wanted to say a big thank you from me and the hen party our little person was so funny. He sure did make our night out for Emma’s hen night. I would certainly hire a dwarf from you guys again.

  3. Raj

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Amy who helped arrange everything for us. Trevor had a good stag night in the end. We ordered a dwarf the little fella came out on a bar crawl with us. He dressed up as batman we had Trev the stag dress up as robin.

    Thanks Raj

  4. susan clemings

    I have used this company many times before. We host annual ladies nights however due to the lockdown we had to cancel our 2020 event. I have never had any issues. The male strippers we get allocated are always very handsome and charming. I also had a drag queen for 2019 she was hilarious.

  5. Ahsan

    perfect ladies, we were over the moon how sexy and good looking they were. We wanted a high class waitress service for our party in london knightsbridge.

    Both waitresses arrived 20 minutes prior to be briefed by me and what I wanted.

    both waitresses were friendly.Lucy was the most confident of the waitresses she was smiling the whole time. Emily the second waitress was more reserved but so pretty and did a good job regardless.

  6. Calum Ashton

    cracking entertainment girls were legends they put stag through hell exactly what we wanted.

  7. Gavin Lambert

    I just wanted to say thank you for helping us out at such short notice. We booked on the day of the party due to a cancellation with another agency. The stripper came she was something special till did a great strip tease for us.

  8. Eleasha

    5 stars

  9. Lillie-Rose

    our butler harry was amazing my joint birthday & My best friends baby shower was perfect.

  10. Lillie Marsh

    super value for money I will book with you again

  11. Rhonda Powers

    thank you Erik for a great hen night in brighton

  12. Patrick Daniels

    thank you to our wenches Ria and Kate. We had a good Time in liverpool our crawl was funny. However stag got so wasted had to carry back.

  13. Colin Fields

    5 stars

  14. Aurelia

    the male stripper Dom was very nice. He had a lovely body. Our group had an underwear party for our friend misty who’s moving to Usa.

    Our stripper Dom actually stayed a hour after the show to play some party games etc he didnt have to but added to the experience.

    Yes I would book again. I think value for money was good and service I received was as expected.



  15. Kate

    I would like to thank Lucy for helping me sort out our hen night.

  16. lynnette

    thanks for the weekend. Sammy was amazing. Luke and the guys loved her I new it would go down well.

    also thanks for accepting my booking at such short notice.


  17. danny r

    made order online for a stripper was sent a feedback email a few days after the show to review this. All went well very and was happy Danny.

  18. Rachel

    services booked

    Cheeky Male topless butler – he was very lovely and good looking

    Male kissogram – due to us wanting something less raunchy. he was exactly what we had in mind.

    service was good value for money we all payed £10 each towards booking this.

  19. Kevin

    thank-you entertain-ment amazing!!

    you went above what I expected. Our stripper Lucy was attractive and put on a great show. Our stag Arron was buzzing afterwards.

    kind regards Kev

  20. emily5942

    (verified email link). we enjoyed the art class the nude model was very comfortable with all us ladies. he made the bride blush when he gave her a hug at the end. Dianne and sam the two who were celebrating a join birthday got a little drunk but I am sure he was used to dealing with tipsy women.



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