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Roly Poly Stripper Hire

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Stag parties, Birthday celebrations, gents Nights, Charity Events and Special occasions.

4.8/516 ratings

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What is a roly-poly strippergram?

This is a type of strip show that basically involves a Fat/ Plus size stripper who puts on a comedy type show for a special person on his or her birthday/stag/hen night etc. The duration is around 15 minutes long.

There is lots of group interaction and props used to make the show even more enjoyable. Costumes are normally themed around traditional fancy dress and fantasies such as police officer, French maid, nun and Miss whip lash. After the show the party can have some photos taken with the roly-poly strippergram in her costume.

Do you need a fat roly poly stripper to humilate a special someone?

Do you need to pull of the ultimate stag Night prank or just want to get back at your mate for something awful he did to you?  We have just the thing that will have any man quivering in their boots Mortified and bowing down to be humiliated in front of you and the lads.

Hire a roly-poly stripper she can make him surrender and subdue and spanking. Strip him of his clothes and make sure he’s sat on. Our roly-poly strippers enjoy nothing more than embarrassing a special someone guaranteeing nothing quite like anything you have seen before.


What To Expect from the Performance:


 15-20 min full embarrassing routine 

 Free costume choice 

 Total humiliation & embarrassment

  Includes a whip, Cream, Oil & more

 Whipped, Stripped, Tied up, Sat on 

 Suggest or arrange a free venue 

 You Choose the start time


3,977+ Satisfied Customers

4.8/516 ratings

“Our stag night was madness our rolypoly Debbie turned up and put on one hell of a show for the stag never seen anything like it in my life. Me and the guys couldn’t stop laughing. I would recommend booking this and would book again.” 

Lewie Sanford


“Highly suggest this to any guy booking this for their mate. We booked this for my brother in law a day before the stag night. It was hilarious beyond words. Our rolypoly stripper dressed as a dominatrix and had him on the floor doing all sorts.”

Yusuf Lucas


Hi Jean-Pierre Thanks for suggesting the roly-poly stripper. Howard had a brilliant stag night Jen was a great girl. She made his evening and ours.If I need a large rolypoly stripper again i will come back to you guys. thanks again.

Rhodri Newman


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